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the like picspam! and kind of a primer
first of all, I am going to be a good person and pimp out welikethelike which is a spiffy community where news related to the four-piece female band The Like will be posted. You can also find graphics, pictures, etc. there.

The Like is a four-piece band from Los Angeles, California. The band is currently composed of Elizabeth 'Z' Berg, Tennessee Thomas, Laena Geronimo and Annie Monroe. The band's original line-up did not include Geronimo and Monroe - their original bassist was named Charlotte Froom, but was replaced last summer for the tour with the Arctic Monkeys with Geronimo. Geronimo's last name is NOT ACTUALLY Geronimo, but I cannot remember it at the moment.
The Like has released one full-length record, titled Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? with 13 tracks - it came out in 2005. They are scheduled to release a second full-length THIS SUMMER. Get pumped!

Onto the spam!

this is probably almost 150 pictures, so like, click with cautionCollapse )

oh uhm I am all out of things to say so sorry bye.

"and i won't say you're useless because i've seen you dream"
"I don't know, this story made me feel so much that I feel like I should say something more, but I'm out of words. just, keep writing, because you are incredibly talented."

"You are an amazing writer."

"Just remember I fell in love with this fiction, with your writing."

"I will never ever stop loving this fic. This is so beautiful and just amazing."

"You're a great writer! You def. better be famous one day, or I'll be pissed."

"This is like the best thing I've ever read. I'm not even lying. I really adore this. Your writing is something else. I don't know. I just kept crying despite myself."

"I love the writing style, how nothing was ever fully explained but you still understood it. Plus the ending was just <3"

I cannot thank the people who have said these things enough. I cannot thank anyone who's even said one word about anything I have written enough. I cannot thank you enough and this is my public!post saying just that - thank you. If you found this via my fic and just got curious (like I do...if I've read your fic, chances are I've stalked at least a few of your public posts), well, just so you know, this is it.

I'm kind of stupid because I honestly hope that one day I'll write a book and it'll be good and I'll be happy with it and it'll change how people look at things. I'm not going to say I want to be a famous writer some day or my only dream is to write because that just isn't true. But how can I help it but indulge when people say such kind things?

None of this is more than fiction. More than fiction that was inspired by people who don't really exist. But it's my start and that's okay. It's a better start than I'm sure a lot of people have.

And even if you've never actually commented (maybe you're anon and don't have an lj but stalk satd etc. anyway), if you've read my fic and liked it...well, here's a huge thank you, because it's all I can do for now.

So yes. Thanks.

"i love when you tell me not to speak"
So today I am reliving my love for this band. Their name is VersaEmerge. They have three EPs, their first released before Sierra joined the band (I literally know nothing about it - I apologize!) and a second titled Perceptions - their third which came out February (I do believe) of 2009 was self-titled as simply VersaEmerge. They often get compared to Paramore, a band I no longer like except for their first CD. I have only recently gotten into Versa. Whatever. Thank you forceddoors because this is all your fault and I love you for it.

VERY image heavy. Almost 100 pictures, if not that many or more.

"i'll just keep it to myself in the sun"
okay first of all, yahoo news makes me laugh so hard. first and foremost - let's talk about the winter olympics! then why the shape of the hot dog should be changed! and oh btw here's some news on the stimulus bill lol
racy routines @ the olympics > obama's decisions for america okay.

anyway, i did this ages ago on my old account, but this is a better, more exciting, thing!
i am spamming you with a bunch of awesome bands/musicians you should listen to that i have probably only recently gotten into! \o/!

the end

Panic! At The Disco - Brendon/Audrey - Backstabbing Everything
I'm a little early, but figure I should post this to my journal so it's set for posting to onetruemix  tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day, whether it's a day of celebration or sitting around for you. Personally, mine shall be sitting around, which is dandy. My gift to you is this fanmix.

Backstabbing Everything - Brendon Urie/Audrey Kitching Fanmix
Click the link to download (from sendspace);
Thirteen tracks
A tracklisting .txt file, with a blurb.
A front and back cover

Enjoy! Please comment if you download, and let me know if the link is messed up, or anything is wrong.

And I'll add the covers here

covers under the cutCollapse )

"all the greatest loves are the unfinished ones"
So, last night, as I'm sure you've heard from me, Gold Motel came to Cleveland, OH. The Grog Shop.
It was a teeny-tiny bar that my dad and I initially walked past.
The show was scheduled to begin at 8, and we got there at about quarter after. It didn't start til about 9:30, and there were three musicians playing before Gold Motel.

Anyways, so Mark Rose was pretty good, he had some catchy tunes and he hung out, Uno Lady was freaking sweet and had a rip in her stocking (my dad commented on that when she first ~arrived). New Romans were cool, the lead singer kept on reminding me of Billie Joe Armstrong and their guitarist was about 6 foot tall and AWESOME.

The card in my camera ran out of memory while I was shooting a video. Wow my life. So I didn't get all of one of the songs, but here's the set-list for Gold Motel.

Make Me Stay, Stealing the Moonlight (from full length), Sunshine All Night (from full length), Hurricane (The Hush Sound), The Cruel One, Who Will I Be Tonight?, Fireworks (After Midnight) (from full length), Don't Send The Searchlights, and of course, Perfect in my Mind.

When she started playing Perfect in my Mind, the guitarist (the tall one I mentioned) from New Romans came into the crowd and started jumping and dancing. It was kind of adorable.

to go along with my block of text, have some photographsCollapse )

it's a drummer picspam!
i was thinking, drummers are not appreciated enough! so yeah, i decided to make a picspam for all those unappreciated hobos out there.

in order of appearance
Tennessee Thomas of The Like
Andy "The Butcher" Mrotek of The Academy Is...
Spencer Smith of Panic! At The Disco
Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy
Nate Novarro of Cobra Starship

warning: this is really extremely image heavy. almost 100 pics. enter @ your own risk/discretion w/eCollapse )


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