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you are the brick

i am so unpredictable

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"people are the same; only habits change"

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this journal is friends only so comment to be added

fall out boy, the young veins, the like, empires
writer's block, real life, fandom, music and life
i like cats a lot
smokedsteps  | isuzu_fiction 
for icons and fanfic
picspams etc. will be here and public

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Cats are awesome. <3 They're my favourite animal ever. ;D

Hello, i looked at your sierra picspam, and thought it was great, and i love COBRA STARSHIP<333 and i saw them live a couple of weeks ago which was amazing. and i love Versa Emerge and Sierra to :) <3


of course! welcome to my journal (:

Since I'm obsessed with Cobra Starship, I own a cat (ok, he owns me... independence ftw) and I love fics where Victoria Asher's involved (I loved the Victoria/Greta one) I think we should be friends like... right now? :)

of course! adding you back right now!♥

heyy, i added u :)
you seem really awesome &we like a lot of the same bands hahah.
add me back? :D

(Deleted comment)
cuddles and kittens? i can accept that. no problem~

So since we're complete strangers~

Lol anyway, I added you back so now we can be LJ friends as well! *\o/*

yay now we can have an lj/tumblr party

i added you!
i saw you over @ young_veins and thought you were pretty cool so.. yeah.

hi. i think that you should add me, stranger.

(Deleted comment)
i totally forgot to add you when i saw your post, ack. i suck! added you back~

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