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you are the brick

i am so unpredictable

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may 19 2010
So last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life. As I damn well expected it to be. My dad and I left at about 6:45 to get to the House of Blues, arrived at 7:30ish, waited about a half hour for Bear in Heaven to come on (they're this really retro band from Brooklyn, NY). They played for about 45 minutes, and honestly - it was a pretty boring set. They weren't energetic, and I didn't expect them to be. I had listened to some of their songs and recognized them, but the most entertaining thing was their lead singer saying Cleveland was sexy and that they had never been here.

So yeah, they play their set, about 9:15, Metric finally come on. By this time it was pretty crowded, especially up front by the stage - there were these two girls who were drinking and yelling at each other and just babbling and they were really annoying, ngl. I was worried the one was going to spill her drink on me. She was also legit ~complaining because Metric didn't come on at nine. I think she said something like "You're not some big band, no one wants to stand around waiting for you" and it's like wow give it a break.

Anyway, they came on, like, 3 minutes after she said that, and. Screaming. Emily Haines comes out, Josh and Jimmy, Joules at the guitar/drums/bass, freaking out, then - the beat to Twilight Galaxy! It was beautiful.

The setlist went like this, if I am to be correct - Twilight Galaxy, Satellite Mind, Front Row, Empty (which was absolutely intense, I will get to that), Help I'm Alive, Gold Guns Girls, Sick Muse, Dead Disco (again, totally INTENSE), Gimme Sympathy, and then Stadium Love. They pulled a cutie thing by all heading off stage, but none of the lights went off and they didn't do anything awesome, so we all ~knew~ it wasn't over. Encore, lots of yelling, they all come out and start playing the beginning of Monster Hospital...ALSO intense, such a good song. After Monster Hospital, Joules and Josh left and Emily and Jimmy picked up the microphone and an acoustic guitar and played a GORGEOUS acoustic rendition of the first song I ever knew by Metric, Combat Baby. It was gorgeous, not kidding.

I almost cried during Satellite Mind for some absurd reason. And then during Combat Baby, God, I teared up at least three times. I have good reasons.

It is absolutely impossible to explain this concert. It was the best live show I've been to, which isn't saying much, but my dad agreed - he said it was impressive, blah blah blah.

Metric had absolute control of the House, by the end there were very few people not moving. This was the most I moved at a concert - I ended up with a headache from my almost!headbanging. The drunk!ish girls in front of me kept running into me when they were jamming, but it was okay because the nice/tall one apologized twice. The most amusing thing was when she ended up grinding against some guy's ass near were people were closer to moshing than anything else. Only one girl tried to crowd surf, and she did okay, she didn't get pulled out!

Seriously, during Empty - the chorus, Emily would sing 'Shake your head, it's empty' and then she puts her hands on her hips and swung her head side to side with this huge grin on her face to the beat. It was not only adorable, but really awesome. She did it like, six times consecutively, after 'Shake you head...' and 'Shake your hips...' The song, normally about six minutes, lasted about eight, with awesome guitar solo and much rocking on the keys from Emily as well.

Gimme Sympathy was also amazing, just - seeing them rocking out like that, HNNNGGG. So good! So, so good. Lots of headbanging from the band and every time the chorus began the crowd pretty much EXPLODED. It seriously felt like the floor was vibrating for a bunch of the tracks. I almost felt like I was going to fall over during Help I'm Alive, I do believe.

The lighting was awesome and fun - I totally felt like I was going to have a seizure during Help I'm Alive with the black to white flashing during 'beating like a hammer...beating like a hammer' and it was just - so, so intense. It's the best word I can come up with!

Emily had us sing parts of Combat Baby, including the 'ba da da's at the end.

It was just.
It was really fucking awesome.

Before the concert, I got a t-shirt and Emily Haines' solo CD Knives Don't Have Your Back. Still kind of euphoric. My ears were ringing for a good two hours after the concert.



^ Only quality picture of Bear in Heaven.