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you are the brick

i am so unpredictable

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holy shit guys is it actually may

omg last year i can remember posting on my lj about how my birthday was coming up and now it's happening again. i turn sixteen on june 15! which is also the day the like's new album release me comes out and i am just super excited for june. it will be such a good month for 2010 omg

but seriously, it's MAY

slept until almost noon
picked the bandombigbang i wanted to mix for
got the e-mail with the link to that bbb
read it for two hours
cleaned some chairs
watched the cavs game
finished reading the bbb
and now i'm posting this! best saturday EVER

i have been flailing over the fic i chose and with TOTALLY good reasoning. it's just...fantastic. i already have three or so songs in mind and i really hope i get to do it justice because it was just THAT GOOD. i was kind of worried when i picked it because i don't know SHIT about tennis, but it was still REALLY interesting and fucking intense and just...everything about it was good.

so i cannot wait for everyone else to get to read it and i will make sure you guys realize just how fantastic it is and deserving of attention. i'm very curious to know who my author was, but i don't think i'm going to make any communications~

on another note, it made me really excited that someone had claimed my bbb for mixing :') but it also makes me really nervous fhajkgkeaf

and omg i just found out that someone has asked to claim my fic for art.

shut up this is the first time i've done this i can't help it i'm excited♥


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they're so fucking good.
and they don't really sound like anyone else.♥

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