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you are the brick

i am so unpredictable

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april 7 2010
Until coldmero sorts out my dad's god damned camera, no pics for this post. Bah.


All right, so two nights ago Melissa (coldmero), my dad and I drove down from Cleveland to Columbus to see Bad Rabbits/Foxy Shazam/The Young Veins @ The Basement, which was this tiny little venue across from a stadium and underneath some larger place. Cobra Starship went there last August at the beginning of the Hot Mess Across The U.S. tour but I was unable to attend and it sold out about four days before the show.

So anyway, we had to leave at four because my dad took his time (okay so we actually made really good timing) getting ready when he got home from work. So we drove 2 1/4 hours to the hotel, and then fifteen minutes from the hotel to the venue. We got there about 4 minutes before Bad Rabbits started (pretty sure they were setting up) but apparently there was another band who played before which included one of the members of Foxy - we missed that, however.

So Bad Rabbits started at about 7:20, and they were pretty damn exciting, as I well expected them to be. So yeah, they played six or seven songs, it was enjoyable, etc., etc. Unfortunately we were situated by a speaker and it was hard to see the left (house left) side of the stage, which ended up sucking when T YV came out.

So yeah, after Bad Rabbits I went back to the bar really quick to get my dad's camera and whoa I see the back of Jon's head (we had seen him walk out of the venue to do something and Melissa and I had heart attacks because we're cool like that) and whoa suddenly there's Ryan just standing there looking awkward. So I'm like "pssst dad you're sitting like 2 feet away from the guitarist o.o" and he was like "yeah they've been here the whole time". It was surreal at first.

The Young Veins come on, everybody screams at Jon, he has these wide eyes and it's cute, Ryan comes on, everyone screams some more, etc. It's exciting. They played Defiance, The Other Girl, Change, Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't , Dangerous Blues, Capetown, Take A Vacation, and finally Young Veins (Die Tonight). Jon and Ryan told a cute story about Jon getting pantsed by the Bad Rabbits before the show and lots of people awww'd so Ryan was like "What is wrong with you? That's not cute!" and Jon was like 'this song is for you guys because I'm not mad" to BR and we ended up awww'ing again and he was like "See, that's cute" and then they played Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't and Jon's voice sounded fantastic.

So yeah, they played great, Ryan kind of reaching high notes was adorable. After their set we hung out at back, and I got a t-shirt and shit. Melissa and I got a picture with Nick Murray, who was the first to come back and he signed my shirt and was adorable. Then Jon came on back, he signed my shirt, we got a picture of him signing my shirt (really awkward, my dad kept on taking candid shots that the boys weren't aware of but Melissa and I were) but didn't get an official one with him.

We got a picture with Ryan and Melissa had to yell in his ear like, twice, and he yelled back in hers (insert jealous rage here, which is evident (kind of) by the creepy!picture my dad took of Melissa talking into his ear) and he was so sweet it's not even funny. He said something while he was signing my shirt against my back but I have no idea what it was. I chuckled, though, because it felt like a chuckling kind of moment. So yeah, I told him to come to Cleveland next tour and he thanked us for coming etc etc and we walked away.

We also got a picture with Andy who Melissa kept saying looked like Ryland (Blackinton, obviously) and then, finally, Nick White came back and we got a picture with him and Andy was behind us and jumped in which was cute. I remember my sleeve was slipping and I was like "lol uncomfortable"

Basically after that we left.

Notes of the night:
All of them signed my shirt against my back (hahaha)
All of them have shitty signatures except for Jon (JWalk, it's adorable w/e)
Nick Murray is my new favorite, he is legitimately one of the sweetest dudes ever
My dad told Jon at the bar that we came from Cleveland and apparently he was happy about that
My dad kept taking candid pictures while the boys weren't looking
Ryan yawned really wide and it was cute (I was creepy ok)
They're all so god damn nice

WISH I HAD PICS BUT LIFE SUCKS RIGHT. I'll edit them in or something whenever it all works out I guess.

GUESS WHAT NOW WE HAVE PICTURES FUCK YEAAAH. They are low quality but you know I'm just happy they exist.

The one picture I got that was good of Ryan Ross during the set. I ended up giving up. I got one of his ass, but Melissa didn't upload that one...

Me looking unamused as my dad takes pictures at random intervals. The guy currently at the merch table had a HUGE crush on Ryan and took myspace-like cam whoring pics of him and the members. Uh, if you are that mysterious boy...you reminded me of William Beckett?

Shitty quality picture with Nick Murray. He's my new favorite, for the record.

This was the only time we spent with Jwalk. He signed my shirt and was unaware that my dad was taking candids. Melissa and I are basically saying "R U SRSLY". You can tell by our expressions.

Andy was also super cool, signed shit, took a pic.

AGAIN, my dad being creepy. He was actually in a corner. Like. Just taking pics.

I will crop Melissa out of this picture and hang it on my wall. NO REALLY THOUGH HIS HAND WAS ON MY BACK AND I REMEMBER HIS HAIR BRUSHING MY FACE. He's only like, 2 inches taller than me it was cute + he looks even skinnier in person.

Nick White reminds me of a rare Pokemon. We had to wait and look for him (Melissa snagged his signature early but I ended up not getting it until after Foxy's set). Soukal jumped in because he was standing literally two inches behind us. I reiterate my looking like a slut because my sleeve refused to cooperate.

I will relive this night for the rest of my life, I can't even.

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This concert was amazing.
This concert was amazing.
This concert was amazing.

Hopefully I get the picture shit resolved tomorrow.

But even if I don't (oh please God),
This concert was amazing.

yeah pretty much

even if you don't
the memories have been recorded on the internet!
bawwww please life ;_;

Yes, we have to look at it that way if it doesn't pan out. But please, omg I want Ryan, Nick, and Jon pictures ;~;

Aghhhh I love TYV.
That show last week made my life.


I know, they are my favorite band at the moment fuck panic! at the disco lol ;;
i know, my life definitely is made.


I was at that show...I actually think I was sitting a couple of seats down from your dad lol...Also Ryan was standing near my stuff after his set and my friend bought him a drink!

Yeah, I remember seeing Ryan watching Foxy Shazam after the set. Nice!

Aww Nick Murray has always been my favourite. I'm glad that as people get to know him, they like him too. You've got me excited for the Hollywood show.

He is so sweet, I can't even♥ And he has the cutest smile, haha.
Have fun! I've got myself really excited for the summer tour!

Right? I have the biggest music crush on him.
Summer tour will be even more amazing, I'm sure.

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